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The goal of STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison is to equip you with the necessary tools to help you become the master of your true STYLE. Select from services, books, workshops and merchandise (coming soon) to help you master your true STYLE.

A carefully curated collection of
jewelry and accessories based on your fashion personality. Whether new, vintage or straight from the owner’s personal collection, each piece is inspired by what matters most – You Being You!

Be empowered to build your wardrobe with confidence with your customized STYLE Profile - the only personalized tool that equips you to become the master of your true STYLE.

Glenda K. Harrison, gives substance to the meaning of Style by cleverly unraveling the traits, as well as the wardrobe mastery, and then beautifully weaves together the person who encompasses this multi-faceted word. 


"Style is not what you wear! Style is who you are! This sums up my take on style, so I was delighted when I read "True Style - A Look Beyond the Surface." Glenda has so eloquently captured what I believe to be the proper definition of "Style." She helps the reader to understand the difference between Style and Fashion. She peels back 6 "layers" in the process of discovering "true style." This is a very thought provoking read and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to discover their true style.

Cecil on True Style

"It was a very enlightening exercise to go through the style assessment with Glenda K. Even though I see what's in my 
closet, I wasn't really paying attention to what I really had. I knew I needed a change. Answering the questions in the assessment brought things to life in more than just my clothing  choices. Thank you Glenda!"

Steffyne on The Harmony Approach

The BIG Secret: Workshop

The BIG Secret Your Shopping Habits Reveal About You

Course Instructor:
Glenda K. Harrison

Course Description:
This course was designed to help participants better understand how shopping habits parallel views on style.  The perfect introduction course in your journey to mastering your true style.

Participants will learn:
  1. The True meaning of STYLE
  2. Difference between Having STYLE vs Being in style
  3. Why Harmony is Important to STYLE
  4. Introduction into the 3 Sartorial Types

Course Duration:
Approximately 18 minutes

Tuition: $11.00 usd

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