STYLE Profile

Be empowered to build your wardrobe with confidence with your customized STYLE Profile - the only personalized tool that equips you to become the master of your true STYLE.

What is the STYLE Profile?
A customized digital portfolio which will take the guess work out of understanding your STYLE. Your Profile will break down all the components needed to become the master of your wardrobe building:

  1. A breakdown of your fashion personality; 
  2. An analysis of the role colors, as well as metals, play in your life; 
  3. An illustration of your body type, and which clothing silhouettes work best;
  4. An analysis on how your lifestyle relates to your STYLE;
  5. A private Pinterest vision board (set up by Glenda) which will highlight apparel and accessory options best suited for your fashion personality, body type, and color analysis;
  6. Plus, a FREE copy of TRUE STYLE: A Look Beyond the Surface by Glenda K. Harrison

What You'll Need:
  • A computer
  • ​Active email account
  • ​A Pinterest account to access the private vision board
  • ​Digital camera or device that takes digital pictures
  • ​Adobe Acrobat Reader for completing the survey

*If you need assistance, there will be free technical support available​.

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